The Best of Interröbang Cartel: The George Hammond Conspiracy

To fully appreciate some of the IBC songs, you had to have been there — that is, in a.r.k, or at least on Usenet, at the time.

George Hammond was awarded the “Kook of the Month” honors by alt.usenet.kooks for his years-long persistence in posting to science and religion newsgroups about his Scientific Proof of God, and about how his due fame and glory for this discovery had been denied him by a conspiracy of the scientific establishment. Casey B wrote and recorded “The George Hammond Conspiracy”. Eventually George heard the song and said he liked it, proving he was either utterly immune to satire or a world-class Andy Kaufman-esque satire act himself. I’ve never been entirely sure.

Casey recorded this song late one night, and kept his voice down to try to avoid waking the neighbors. It wasn’t an artistic choice, but it turned out to be a superb way to approach a song about conspiracies, right? I think so. It was one of the highlights of Wanger.

The George Hammond Consipiracy (mp3)

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