So speaking of PVC instruments, there’s an instrument strongly associated with (though not invented by) Blue Man Group, which is made of PVC tubing, and they call it: a “PVC instrument”. No, really. They have other instruments that are similar, played with sticks instead of paddles, which go by the far more satisfactory name of “tubulum”, … More Doink

Uke summer

Because the last post tagged “ukulele” was from three months ago. At that point Salt City Ukulele was about to start rehearsals for this year’s Ukulele and Ice Cream Therapy tour. We had just finished teaching six weekly lessons to over a dozen beginners. Many of them stuck around for the tour and did a … More Uke summer


What kind of college has its first day of classes on the same day as a total solar eclipse? I don’t think I’ll drive to Nebraska after all. Look, I get that a total eclipse is a spectacular thing to see, but college or no college, this is Nebraska we’re talking about. (Yeah, or any … More Overshadowed

100 more

One hundred years ago, on August 1, 1917 (four months after Ken Holmes), Norma Augusta Hanson was born. She was born on her grandparents’ farm near the line between Chatham and Brainard, New York and grew up in Nassau, NY, near Albany. She was the first of three children of Peter Robert Hanson and Bertha … More 100 more

A person with two watches is never sure (part 2)

Another Cycle in the City ride today, and once more I rode it with three apps running: MapMyRide, RideWithGPS, and Strava. I’ve decided I pretty much have no use for MapMyRide. I’m tired of its shoving UnderArmour ads at me, and I’m unimpressed with the graphs and statistics that count all time, not just moving … More A person with two watches is never sure (part 2)