The Alphabet of Autocompletion

A is for B is for C is for D is for E is for F is for G is for H is for # seriously? I is for J is for K is for L is for # redactions M is for … More The Alphabet of Autocompletion

Comics 2018

Should the comics roundup be an annual thing? Why not. A bunch of Marvel books are being canceled early this year. Needless to say, not the established money makers but more offbeat, quirky ones, which are the ones I tend to like. Dammit. These are comics I’m following, or used to follow but have stopped … More Comics 2018

Rank the Jedi

Just gonna drop this here without comment for future reference. I’m quoting Metacritic scores (as of 16 Feb 2018) here; not much interested in IMDB user ratings, etc., which are, for one thing, hackable, and for another thing… well, one should never take professional critics’ ratings seriously, nor the rabble’s, but in this instance I … More Rank the Jedi

Talkin’ Jedi

Man. I keep seeing take after take after take on The Last Jedi that alternate between confirming my own biases about what made the movie notable and pointing out things I hadn’t thought of and that make me appreciate it even more. As opposed to, you know, take after take after take that argue Rey is … More Talkin’ Jedi

The Franchise Awakens (a review, of sorts, of The Last Jedi)

Gonna do some rambling incoherency about The Last Jedi here. Probably don’t read it if you don’t want spoilers, because, spoilers. Also probably don’t read it if you want good, insightful commentary. There’s enough of that elsewhere. I’m old enough to remember when Star Wars fanboyz were complaining The Force Awakens was a “shot for shot … More The Franchise Awakens (a review, of sorts, of The Last Jedi)

#makevember recap

Here is what I made in Makevember: There are 32 pictures here, because I made two things on each of two days; the picture for Thanksgiving is itself a collage because I made about seven things. I mostly tried to make things from start to finish within a single day, though there were a few … More #makevember recap

Living Fossil: The Story of the Coelacanth (review)

Biology has never been one of my strongest interests, but now and then I dive into it a bit. When Bookbub mentioned Living Fossil was on sale for some stupidly low price I thought I’d pick it up. It’s a good book. Pretty readable and interesting. The writing’s not always as coherent as one would like — … More Living Fossil: The Story of the Coelacanth (review)