Trade policy

If there is any logic underlying the prices of e-comic books, more specifically Marvel collected editions (or trades), it’s beyond my understanding. I mean, as a semi arbitrary example, consider the Ms Marvel series. The electronic versions of most of the books are priced at $3.99 when they first come out, at both and Comixology. After … More Trade policy

Marlboro 2018

Thursday morning I headed for Marlboro, VT for the Marlboro Morris Ale. The last time the Binghamton Men were there was in 2004, and I didn’t go: I was stuck in Virginia, working at JLab. The last and only time I went as a participant was in 1990, I believe, as a musician with Thornden … More Marlboro 2018

Gilbertsville 2018

Another late April, another Gilbertsville tour by the Binghamton Morris Men and guests the Bouwerie Boys, Newtowne, and Toronto Morris Men. It was much the usual G’ville, that is, excellent. The tour was mostly the same as it’s been in recent years, except that we learned two weeks ago Butternuts Brewing’s tasting room would be … More Gilbertsville 2018

USB Midi keyboard, MuseScore, and Linux

Just because this stuff isn’t obvious: I have my M-Audio KeyStudio 25 keyboard working as an input device for MuseScore under Ubuntu 16.04. Steps I used: Plugged in the keyboard. Started MuseScore. I had version 2.0.2 installed because that’s what Ubuntu Software Center finds and installs. Edit > Preferences > I/O. Checked PortAudio. Nothing obvious … More USB Midi keyboard, MuseScore, and Linux

Falling squirrels

Comixology claims The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (2015-) #22 is 21 pages. #23 is 22 pages, #24 is 23 pages, and #25 is 24 pages. From this I concluded #1 must have been zero pages. But they claim #26 is also 24 pages and now I don’t know what to think. Anyway, that totals 114 pages, and each book … More Falling squirrels

The Doctor dances

A thought occurs to me: The Doctor (Doctor who?) has spent a lot of time in England. Has he ever taken up morris dancing? Is he a member of a morris team? A men’s morris team? If so, now that the Doctor is a woman, they have a decision to make. I’m being, or trying awkwardly … More The Doctor dances