Never say never

Just over a month ago I wrote: You can take [the Mother-32] out of the case, put it into a Eurorack enclosure, and use it with other Eurorack modules. Or you can buy a Moog 2- or 3-tier stand and enclosure and some Eurorack modules and make it the core of a modular system that … More Never say never


Alan R. Pearlman died on Saturday. He was the founder of ARP Instruments, which together with Moog dominated the synthesizer business in the early to mid 1970s. Some unfortunate business decisions (which, as I understand it, Pearlman opposed) cut the company’s success short and ARP went out of business in about 1981, as analog subtractive synthesis … More ARP

Comics 2019

Comics I’ve started, continued, or stopped reading lately: Web comics New additions in 2018: None! Reading: Atomic Robo, by Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener. Lately has been alternating with Real Science Adventures. Bobbins, by John Allison. Will be wrapping up very soon. Dresden Codak, by Aaron Diaz. Drive, by Dave Kellett. Dumbing of Age, by … More Comics 2019

Moog Mother-32: Nasty

I’m trying out using a public Google Drive folder as a dumping ground for patches. Picture and audio sample. First one. I started off with the “Sequencer Bass” patch from the manual and, uh, went a little nuts adding patch cords.