The Best of Interröbang Cartel: Captain Marvel’s Lament

One day on a.r.k Kibo talked about a Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) song he’d heard, “Moonshadow”, and that inspired jwgh to write some lyrics.

Then Not R set them to music and recorded the song, bringing his marvelously skewed musical sensibilities to the project, and the result appeared on Supermarket. I say “marvelously” because I like the song, obviously, but I’ll be the first to acknowledge it’s very quirky stuff and I certainly don’t expect anything near universal admiration for it.

But it’s my list, right?

The title is a little complicated. Wikipedia tells us Captain Marvel is, counterintuitively, the name of a Fawcett Comics, and later DC Comics, superhero. Captain Marvel also is, more intuitively but confusingly, the  name of a Marvel Comics superhero. Captain Marvel is also also the name of an M. F. Enterprises superhero, circa 1966. That particular Captain Marvel “was an alien android who fought crime by splitting into six parts (head, torso, arms, and legs) upon crying ‘Split!’, and reuniting upon crying ‘Xam!'”* and is the one referred to by the title of this song.

Captain Marvel’s Lament (mp3)

* How he was able to do this with his lungs disconnected from his mouth is not made clear.


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