Knobs on the end

This GMSN! Pure VCA is the second Eurorack module I’ve bought as a panel and PCB set, sourcing my own parts. But it’s the first with knobs. When you use someone else’s front panel you’re pretty much stuck with whatever their design aesthetic is. But step outside full kits and the knobs are up to … More Knobs on the end

Eventually now

I decided a while ago to get a VCA, because the Mother-32 VCA can’t be decoupled from the Mother-32 envelope generator to use the AI Synthesis ADSR instead. I also decided I could hold off a while on it. Ha, I say. See, I did go looking at VCAs to try to decide which one … More Eventually now

Buffered multiple, part 2: Abusing the system

Here’s another fun fact about the horstronic. Buffmult, or specifically about the build guide for the Buffmult: There isn’t one. None that I could turn up, anyway. I’d look on the horstronic. website but, well. There isn’t one. They have a Facebook page and an Instagram feed, but that’s not quite the same. And they … More Buffered multiple, part 2: Abusing the system


Here’s a song we sang last night: P-i not Nat King Cole Tune: (L-O-V-E) Bert Kaempfert (1964) Lyrics: Abraham Sharp (1699) [G] pi is [Em] three point one four [Am] one five [D7] nine [Am] Two six [D7] five three five eight [G] nine sev’n nine [G7] Three two three eight four six [C]  [pause] … More P-i

Buffered multiple, part 1: A Horst of a different color

I opened up the third of the kits I ordered recently, the horstronic. Buffered Multiple, and found a surprise: Surface mount resistors. I wasn’t expecting them. I’ve never worked with SMT parts, and maybe I will someday but today is not that day. Here’s the story. Back in 2013 there was a forum discussion on … More Buffered multiple, part 1: A Horst of a different color


I built the next utility module of the three I bought last month, the AI Synthesis AI002 Mixer. This was nowhere near as simple as the MiniAtt but much simpler than the Looping ADSR (let alone the Even VCO) and didn’t take much time at all. When I plugged in to test I noticed a … More Mixed

Where it’s att

The idea originally was to go slow, adding a module at a time to my synth setup with months in between. Ha. Here’s the thing. Suppose you have a perfect synthesizer. What do I mean by perfect? Perfect for you, for one thing. Not perfect for anyone else. But for you it has the features … More Where it’s att


This video got me thinking about breath controllers. The idea is to use a pressure sensor, such as the NXP MPVZ4006GW7U, to generate MIDI data… or you could generate a control voltage. It seems to be common to use a melodica mouthpiece and tube for these projects. Apparently they fit nicely on the sensor. Fortunately, … More Exhale