Moog Mother-32: Nasty

I’m trying out using a public Google Drive folder as a dumping ground for patches. Picture and audio sample. First one. I started off with the “Sequencer Bass” patch from the manual and, uh, went a little nuts adding patch cords. Advertisements

Moog Mother-32 part 2: Selection criteria

So why the Mother-32? There are lots of synthesizers on the market, and while there have been some great things happening in FM synthesis, digital synthesis, and other variants of synthesizer technology, my first love and best is what Moog and ARP and so on were doing in my youth: analog subtractive synthesizers. Analog synthesizers … More Moog Mother-32 part 2: Selection criteria

Bargain Rack

You ever find yourself wanting to run out  into the street, grab the nearest passerby, get right up in their face and say WHY ARE YOU JUST WALKING DOWN THE STREET WHEN THERE’S THIS GREAT OPEN SOURCE APPLICATION?? No? Just me? Kind of feel that way sometimes about MuseScore, a music notation application (free, open … More Bargain Rack

USB Midi keyboard, MuseScore, and Linux

Just because this stuff isn’t obvious: I have my M-Audio KeyStudio 25 keyboard working as an input device for MuseScore under Ubuntu 16.04. Steps I used: Plugged in the keyboard. Started MuseScore. I had version 2.0.2 installed because that’s what Ubuntu Software Center finds and installs. Edit > Preferences > I/O. Checked PortAudio. Nothing obvious … More USB Midi keyboard, MuseScore, and Linux