Uke summer

Because the last post tagged “ukulele” was from three months ago. At that point Salt City Ukulele was about to start rehearsals for this year’s Ukulele and Ice Cream Therapy tour. We had just finished teaching six weekly lessons to over a dozen beginners. Many of them stuck around for the tour and did a … More Uke summer

Five years later

Back in April 2012 Jean MacLeod’s Greater Syracuse School of Music organized a ukulele sing-in: So they’ll be running a series of “Ukulele and Ice Cream Therapy” sessions on Wednesday nights this summer, meeting at various ice cream stands and playing together. Which strikes me as a great concept. It’ll be interesting to see where … More Five years later

Ukulele accessories

Along with your first ukulele, you will probably want a few other things. None of them is particularly necessary; you can play your uke without any of them, but some accessories will make it easier and better for you. Case Item one, a case or gig bag. Even if you never take your ukulele anywhere … More Ukulele accessories


I want to move here: and start up a ukulele group specializing in swing music. I’ll call it Uke Ellington.   Or something. I’ve actually got a list of 1920s–1940s songs, some I know, some I’m working on, some I’d like to learn sometime. At the moment it’s: Ain’t Misbehaving All of Me Anything Goes … More Swuke

The ukes of now

The ukes I have at the moment, in seniority order: Grizzly soprano (bought the kit first but finished building it third) Kala lacewood soprano Makala dolphin soprano Islander tenor Lanikai baritone Epiphone Les Paul concert That it, and that’s about all I need, other than a banjo uke, well, one each in two or three … More The ukes of now