The Doctor dances

A thought occurs to me: The Doctor (Doctor who?) has spent a lot of time in England. Has he ever taken up morris dancing? Is he a member of a morris team? A men’s morris team? If so, now that the Doctor is a woman, they have a decision to make. I’m being, or trying awkwardly … More The Doctor dances

The Alphabet of Autocompletion

A is for B is for C is for D is for E is for F is for G is for H is for # seriously? I is for J is for K is for L is for # redactions M is for … More The Alphabet of Autocompletion


Over on Ukulele Underground, Ken Timms writes: If you are from The Bronx or Brooklyn, “Upstate” is anything north of Yonkers. To me, “Upstate” starts north of Saratoga Springs, Syracuse in Central NY, Buffalo is Western NY, Jamestown and Watkins Glen are Southern Tier, and Kingston/Poughkeepsie is Downstate. I’ve seen this sort of thing before. … More Upwhere

A person with two watches is never sure (part 2)

Another Cycle in the City ride today, and once more I rode it with three apps running: MapMyRide, RideWithGPS, and Strava. I’ve decided I pretty much have no use for MapMyRide. I’m tired of its shoving UnderArmour ads at me, and I’m unimpressed with the graphs and statistics that count all time, not just moving … More A person with two watches is never sure (part 2)

Ukulele accessories

Along with your first ukulele, you will probably want a few other things. None of them is particularly necessary; you can play your uke without any of them, but some accessories will make it easier and better for you. Case Item one, a case or gig bag. Even if you never take your ukulele anywhere … More Ukulele accessories