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One hundred years ago, on August 1, 1917 (four months after Ken Holmes), Norma Augusta Hanson was born. She was born on her grandparents’ farm near the line between Chatham and Brainard, New York and grew up in Nassau, NY, near Albany. She was the first of three children of Peter Robert Hanson and Bertha … More 100 more

A weekend

Kenny gave me a great Father’s Day gift yesterday:He has had to struggle with school — right from kindergarten. Not with learning, but with doing assignments. He’s a very smart kid, but he’s not a straight A student. Far from it. There has been a lot of frustration these past thirteen years. But he’s gotten … More A weekend


Today, April 4, 2017, is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Kenneth Owen Holmes. Ken was born in Schodack Center, NY and grew up in Nassau, NY, near Albany. He was the youngest of the six children (one of whom died in infancy) of Clarence and Alice Holmes. In 1940 he married Norma Hanson. … More 100

No, it didn’t

“2016 sucked.” No, it didn’t. The election did more than suck, it was catastrophic. Other than that? It was a year. Every December, you hear the same phrase: “This year sucked”. Every December, people somehow forget all the good things that happened that year, and all the bad things that happened the preceding years. It’s … More No, it didn’t


Sunday would have been a good day to continue working on my LOC Precision NORAD. But it was an even better day to take care of some overdue tasks, like lawn mowing, and doing this:You see that? You know what it is? It’s (part of) my workbench. The surface of my workbench. A surface which has not … More Surfacing

Money, it’s a crime

Budgeting! Such fun. Now that the financial obligations arising from the pending divorce are clear(-ish) I can start throwing together numbers that may have some resemblance to reality. They’re kind of ugly. But there’s decidedly room for belt tightening without completely eliminating funds for fun things. I’m including a line item of $100/month to go into … More Money, it’s a crime

Shelf help

What I did for the fridge in November I did today for the pantry. When I rebuilt the shelves and reloaded them I obviously didn’t check expiration dates. And then there was stuff that didn’t have expiration dates… but which I knew I’d seen around for a good long time. Lots of room in the … More Shelf help