Snowshoe weather at last

Back yard:

About 17″ on the ground — higher or lower depending on drifting but this was about average. Depth isn’t really the right metric for snow, though. It’s relevant but so’s the weight of the snow. A foot of very fluffy snow and a foot of wet slushy snow are two different things. This is dense snow — very small flakes, as you maybe can see against the yardstick — but dry, so medium weight. My little electric snowblower (used twice yesterday and once this morning) was able to cope with all but the end of the driveway, and there I just had to shovel the top half off the bottom half and then snowblow everything.

Then I put on the snowshoes for the first time this winter to rake the roof.

There’s still some snow falling, but not much.

21.6″ at the airport as of this morning. (Total snowfall for the storm, which is not the same as depth on the ground: snow compresses.) 26″ in Marcellus. 31.9″ in Binghamton, a record. 40″ in some places in New York.


No, it didn’t

“2016 sucked.”

No, it didn’t.

The election did more than suck, it was catastrophic. Other than that? It was a year.

Every December, you hear the same phrase: “This year sucked”. Every December, people somehow forget all the good things that happened that year, and all the bad things that happened the preceding years.

It’s intellectual laziness.

Don’t be lazy. Look back carefully. Think of the losses, yes, but think also of the gains. Think of the good things that were accomplished. There are many.

Think of the good things you accomplished. Again, there are many, if you take care to remember them.

2017, now… that probably will suck, big time, due to the stupidity of the American voters and, perhaps, the insidious competence of Russia. But drawing misery from the negative won’t make it better.

Drawing inspiration from the positive will.

You can’t prevent people you like dying; you can’t stop every injustice; you can’t hang onto everything good and evade everything bad. But you can make the world better, in small ways, here and there. And a few billion people making things better in small ways adds up.



Sunday would have been a good day to continue working on my LOC Precision NORAD. But it was an even better day to take care of some overdue tasks, like lawn mowing, and doing this:2016-09-28-08-59-50You see that? You know what it is? It’s (part of) my workbench. The surface of my workbench. A surface which has not been seen since the Eisenhower administration. Or possibly 2014, I don’t know. Point is, it’s been a long time.

There’s still a lot of organization I’d like to do in the garage, and then there’s the basement which is an even bigger mess than the garage was, but this is a start.

20 MPH into the FUTURE

20 MPH into the FUTURE

So I finally gave in and got an E-ZPass tag.2016-09-03 14.52.11This was prompted by my drive from Gloucester to Plymouth last month. On my approach to the Tobin Bridgethought the signs said tolls could be paid only by E-ZPass or by scanning a Massachusetts license plate. Apparently I misread and they can scan any plate and invoice you, but instead I got off Route 1 and asked Google Maps to reroute me.

Paying an invoice would have been less annoying, I’d guess, but not by much. Anyway, I decided to get a tag. I drive on the New York State Thruway rarely enough (and use any other E-ZPass facilities even more rarely) that it’s not going to see much use, but there doesn’t seem to be any downside to having it in reserve anyway. You do get a small fare discount, and apparently I can apply for a larger discount because I drive a Prius.

Also there was that one time I inadvertently tried to go through the E-ZPass only lane, and that was an irritating experience.

Also also everyone else has an E-ZPass so I should too, right? Except I went through four toll booths today (twice onto the Thruway, twice off — for no reason other than to try it out) and at least twice there was a big line at the cash lane and no one in the E-ZPass only lane. Huh.

Gannon’s Isle does not accept E-ZPass as payment for end-of-summer ice cream though.



Money, it’s a crime

Budgeting! Such fun. Now that the financial obligations arising from the pending divorce are clear(-ish) I can start throwing together numbers that may have some resemblance to reality.

They’re kind of ugly.

But there’s decidedly room for belt tightening without completely eliminating funds for fun things.

I’m including a line item of $100/month to go into a savings account toward the American Travelling Morrice’s anticipated 2018 England tour. I sat out the 2013 trip; I don’t want to do that again this time. Some real discipline is going to be required, but I think I can do it.

Shelf help

What I did for the fridge in November I did today for the pantry. When I rebuilt the shelves and reloaded them I obviously didn’t check expiration dates. And then there was stuff that didn’t have expiration dates… but which I knew I’d seen around for a good long time.

Lots of room in the pantry now. Maybe I didn’t need more shelves.

(Or maybe I did. Need to restock.)

But once

Merry Christmas!

I don’t know what Kenny was up to on Christmas Eve Eve, but last night he went to bed at 7:00… and this morning he woke me up at 5:00. He’d been up for a while.

There were thoughtful gifts from all over. From Sue and Al, a Middle Ages Brewing gift certificate and sticker, a shirt, and a suspiciously Japanese pocket tool. 2015-12-25 05.45.242015-12-25 05.43.11

From Janet and daughters, spices and a Baby Bertha rocket kit (with motors and wadding).

2015-12-25 05.45.54 2015-12-25 05.43.36 copy

From Pat, pajamas and a very nice thing: a facsimile of my mother’s recipe book.

2015-12-25 05.44.11 2015-12-25 05.44.36 2015-12-25 05.44.56

And from my son, sneakily made under my very nose last month, a sand etched drinking glass that says “#1 DAD – XI VIII”.


I had to get him to explain the Roman numerals. They’re his initials: XI = 11 = K, VIII = 8 = H.

Not a white Christmas. Yesterday it got up to 68℉, a record for Christmas Eve by about 8 degrees, I believe. I put on shorts to go for a walk yesterday. We’ve also broken another record: latest (by about a week) in the season with less than an inch of snow (we’ve had 0.8 inches; on average we have 30 or so inches by now). Thanks, El Niño; thanks, global warming. But snow’s in the forecast for Monday night.

Well, Merry Christmas anyway!


Not bad for a day’s work

Not bad for a day’s work

Stovetop: Clean… er. Oven: Cleaner. Kitchen table: Clean-ish, leaf removed, tablecloth on. Passthrough: Clean. Front room: Piano out, ukes in. Shaky piano stand: Moved down to basement. Side table: Moved west, under stereo. Old sewing machine table: Moved from under stereo to front room, under useless phone, next to ukes. TV, VCR/DVD2015-11-22 22.45.46, and Wii: Moved up from basement, onto side table. Drop leaf table: Moved up from basement, to where side table was. CDs: Sorted, some consigned to future disposal, rack with remainder moved east, next to drop leaf table. Dead light bulb: Changed. Silverware: Back into storage. Stainless flatware: Found. Heather’s returned to storage. Mine returned to service, but there are only four dinner forks. Ebay vendor: Sending me four more dinner forks. Clothes I never wear: Bagged up for Rescue Mission. Garage attic: stuff shifted, making more space accessible. Dr Who: Watched. Blog post: Completed.

September is dead and I am not

September is dead and I am not

I managed to get through September with minimal amounts of being dead. It was, I think it’s fair to say, one of maybe the three crappiest months of my life. But not, by any objective standards, really that crappy, and hardly bad at all after the 20th. Monday’s noisy drive home convinced me September was going to go out with one last good ass-kicking but it turned out just to be the month having a little harmless joke.

And interspersed with the bad was the good. Right there at the top of the month was the Toronto Ale, which aside from the lost wallet and the overly long drive home was a lot of fun. More good morris at the end of the month with near perfect weather for the Saugerties Garlic Festival. The rocket launch was not the best I’ve ever had but it was pretty good. The lunar eclipse and such were cool.

Still, the month really needed a rousing goodbye party; fortunately I must have been prescient in August because I set the wheels figuratively in motion then. Literally in motion yesterday, westwards, to Rochester. I parked right in front of Bernunzio Uptown Music; unfortunately I hadn’t been able to leave work as early as I’d hoped and I got there mere minutes before closing, so I didn’t go in, just peeked in the windows. Then headed off to the Old Toad.2015-09-30 18.28.33Fish and chips, mushy peas, Fuller’s London Pride draught, served up by a waiter from England. Needed that. Followed up with Middle Ages Kilt Tilter cask, which is brewed in Syracuse so why go to Rochester for it, but hey, it was there.

Then back past Bernunzio to the Eastman Theatre for more of Great Britain.2015-09-30 21.20.56Specifically the Ukulele Orchestra thereof. I don’t get to many concerts these days but when I heard they were touring I knew I had to go, and they easily were worth the price of the ticket and the drive to Rochester. I had way too much fun.

I’m ready for October. Bring it!