ATM 43

Back and starting to recover from my vacation. As is fairly usual for this time of year I went on the American Travelling Morrice. As is not so usual, the ATM went to England, the Peak District, this year.

I’m not going to go into great detail because I couldn’t do it justice. In bare bones, I flew out on Thursday, July 19; Peter, Tom, and I left from the Syracuse airport at roughly the same time, with Tom and me on the same flight — JetBlue to JFK, then Thomas Cook to Manchester, UK, arriving around 11:00 am local time on Friday. Others arrived mostly at the same airport mostly the same morning, and used two rented vans (a third had been rented earlier for advance work) to get to Thorpe Farm in Hathersage, Derbyshire. This is a working dairy farm where some old farm buildings have been converted into bunkhouses, one of which was our home for the next week and a half.

Dancing began in Hathersage on Saturday and continued until the final stand at the Our Cow Molly dairy in Dungworth the following Saturday, with a morning practice on Sunday and a day off on Wednesday. The full schedule is on the ATM site’s front page right now and presumably will be kept at in the future.

Highlights included: Dancing with the Winster Morris team including doing Winster with Winster in Winster; big machinery at the Kelham Island Museum in Sheffield; dancing that night with Sheffield City Morris, Pecsaetan Morris, and Kelham Island Rapper; an evening listening to the remarkable Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne playing squeezeboxes and singing; dancing during the break at a cricket match; miscellaneous inns, churches, castles, and other architecture; beer.

On the day off, Tom, Jim V., and I met up with Maria to go for a walk on Stanage Edge.

Most of the ATM went home on Sunday, July 29, but I traveled to Essex for some family history and came back on August 1.

Here are some photos, and there are more here. It was a great trip.


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