Gilbertsville 2018

Another late April, another Gilbertsville tour by the Binghamton Morris Men and guests the Bouwerie Boys, Newtowne, and Toronto Morris Men. It was much the usual G’ville, that is, excellent. The tour was mostly the same as it’s been in recent years, except that we learned two weeks ago Butternuts Brewing’s tasting room would be closed (not opening until late May), so we instead scheduled a stop at Red Shed Brewery. Which was good. Pretty decent beer, room enough to dance indoors, and a good audience.

Weather on Saturday started off pretty nice, but during our (outdoor) stand at Pathfinder Village a cold front came through and there were rain showers the rest of the afternoon — though none worse than a bit of drizzle during our outdoor dancing. Sunday, though, it was 20 degrees colder and, starting in mid morning, snowing. 2018. We moved the Sunday stand inside the Great Hall of the Major’s Inn.

The Binghamton Men had two new performers. Ben is our new dancer; he’s been through only two practices, but he did the “Binghamton Stick Dance” on Saturday. And pretty darn well considering. Karen, who dances and fools with the B. F. Harridans, made her first appearance as a fool for the Binghamton Men. It’s great to have a fool again! An unexpected late addition to the roster for Saturday was Christian, who’s been busy with two full time jobs lately; we hadn’t seen him much if at all the past year or so. He’s down to one job now, though, and showed up for the day.

Toronto had two new dancers, too, and Bouwerie had one.

I didn’t really take photos, but I did hand my phone off to Maria for her to make a video of us doing Ducklington “Jockey To the Fair” in Gilbertsville on Saturday:

We’ll be dancing again this Friday in Binghamton for First Friday. If weather permits; right now the forecast doesn’t look good, but that can change.


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