And then there were eight

Last night Salt City Ukulele held its second Open House. Last year I was hoping for half a dozen or so newcomers and we got 22. Partly that was because the paper featured it in their local events coverage, and they did so again this year so I figured we’d probably get a healthy turnout again. We did: 26.

I took some pictures during setup.

Door prizes
Uke display
More uke display
Diana, other Rich, and Theresa laugh it up

Zoom in on that second one though.

The eight

Those are my ukes, all eight of them. As of Tuesday there were only seven, but Wednesday I got my new Hadean bass. We used to have a guy who played bass ukulele with us on our 2016 summer tour, and it was great. Really helped pull the group together rhythmically (and he did a very convincing 4-note run in “Octopus’s Garden” that just isn’t the same on a regular uke). Then he left town and I’ve been wanting a bass in the group again ever since. Well, I may have to be the change I want to see in the world. Gotta learn to play it first though.

So now I have at least one of each of the six main uke sizes. For those keeping score: (left to right) Caramel sopranino, Grizzly soprano, Makala Dolphin soprano, Islander tenor, Lanikai baritone, Hadean bass, Kala soprano, Epiphone Les Paul concert (and Vox Mini 5 amp).

I love how the stand I designed to hold anything from soprano to tenor actually holds anything from sopranino to bass.


Picture of the Hadean.


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