Falling squirrels

Comixology claims The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (2015-) #22 is 21 pages. #23 is 22 pages, #24 is 23 pages, and #25 is 24 pages. From this I concluded #1 must have been zero pages. But they claim #26 is also 24 pages and now I don’t know what to think. Anyway, that totals 114 pages, and each book was $3.99 when first released, for a total of $19.95, or $0.175 a page.

Now they’re down to $1.99 each, or $0.087/page. If you have Comixology Unlimited, they’re $1.69 each or $0.074/page. (Or you can borrow them for free, of course.)

All five issues are collected, along with material from A Year of Marvels: September, in The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol. 7: I’ve Been Waiting For A Squirrel Like You. It’s 136 pages and was published at $8.99, or $0.066/page. But on Amazon the Marvel trades are routinely priced at 50% off, so this book was $4.50, or $0.033/page. (Amazon owns Comixology, but the latter charges twice what the former does for the same book. I don’t get capitalism.)

Was, and will be again, presumably, but right now it’s on sale. Amazon has sales on Marvel trades once in a while, so for instance I bought Squirrel Girl Vol. 6 (129 pages) last June, when a gazillion trades were on sale, for $2.60, or $0.020/page. The sale right now is different from the last few in several ways: It’s on at both Amazon and Comixology, it covers “only” about 300 trades, and they’re priced at… $0.99 each. So Squirrel Girl Vol. 7 is  $0.0073/page.

Unless you have Comixology Unlimited, and then it’s $0.84, or $0.0062/page. Or about 1/28 the original cost per page. (And yes, the whole book is half the price of one of the five issues included in it. I still don’t get capitalism.)

This is why I’m eight months or so behind people who buy single issues on the day of release in my comics reading.


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