Talkin’ Jedi

Man. I keep seeing take after take after take on The Last Jedi that alternate between confirming my own biases about what made the movie notable and pointing out things I hadn’t thought of and that make me appreciate it even more.

As opposed to, you know, take after take after take that argue Rey is Obi-Wan Kenobi’s stepsister’s niece because look at what was in the background in that scene on Jakku, or crap like that. (Not that there isn’t lots of crap like that too. You’d think after what TLJ did to all the fan theories, they’d know better.)

I don’t recall that I’ve read and enjoyed this much of this sort of commentary about any movie in a long time, which I think suggests we have something special (to me, anyway) here. Anyway, gonna link to some of them below, and I expect to update this list in coming days. I’m not saying I give five stars to all these posts, but I think they’re all worth a look.

Of course you can’t omit these:


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