Uke summer

Because the last post tagged “ukulele” was from three months ago.

At that point Salt City Ukulele was about to start rehearsals for this year’s Ukulele and Ice Cream Therapy tour. We had just finished teaching six weekly lessons to over a dozen beginners. Many of them stuck around for the tour and did a stellar job. Seven ice cream stands in seven weeks, playing some of the songs we’ve played (almost) every summer since 2012 and some new ones. Our rendition of “Proud Mary” was leaps and bounds ahead of anything we’ve done before, I thought.

Some of those beginners will be moving on to Uke 102 in a couple weeks, and we’re taking registrations for new beginners to take our Uke 101 course. Our experienced players will be doing a local gig on October 19, and we’re hoping to play at the Plowshares Craft Festival in December.

Meanwhile SyraUke had a summer of slightly more irregular than usual jams, and a couple of public appearances. We played at the Syracuse Arts and Crafts Festival in July, and today we entertained customers at Whelen’s Pub at the New York State Fair, with owner Tom Whelen himself sitting in.More than a third of those present also play with SCU, so, yeah, it gets a little incestuous, but that’s okay. They’re still quite different organizations, and that’s good.


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