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One hundred years ago, on August 1, 1917 (four months after Ken Holmes), Norma Augusta Hanson was born.

Norma Hanson (undated)

She was born on her grandparents’ farm near the line between Chatham and Brainard, New York and grew up in Nassau, NY, near Albany. She was the first of three children of Peter Robert Hanson and Bertha Letitia Currier Hanson.

Bertha, Norma, and Peter Hanson (undated)

In 1940 she married Kenneth Holmes.

Norma and Kenneth Holmes, June 23, 1940

During World War II she served in the Coast Guard.

Norma Holmes, about 1944

After the war she and Ken had three kids.

Pat Wells, Richard Holmes, Janet Holmes, 1980

They lived in the Boston, Massachusetts area and moved to Syracuse, New York; after Ken retired they moved to North Carolina.

(clockwise) Norma Holmes, Janet Peters, Laura Peters, Bertha Hanson, 1988

Later Norma moved to Houston, Texas.

She died in 2012. I miss her too.



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