#MoonWalk Day 1, 2.3 km

Walking in Space

Well, that was fun. Where should I walk next?

Well, where should humanity walk next? Mars exploration is great, but I’ve never been less than hostile to the idea that we shouldn’t go back to the Moon because “we’ve been there”. There’s all sorts of ways to argue that’s shortsighted, but let’s just point out the Moon’s surface area is 37.9 million square kilometers. That’s just a little smaller than the continent of Asia. If you wanted to thoroughly understand Asia, would you send twelve men there to spend a total of a couple days each? Fortunately even if the US doesn’t want to return to the Moon, there seems to be good enthusiasm on the parts of Europe and China.

So I think I’ll go for a #MoonWalk.

But let’s make this more ambitious than the #MarsWalk. My plan is a closed route visiting every object that has soft landed…

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