#MarsWalk DONE

Walking in Space

You know that projected completion on June 14? Forget it. I decided to cover it all today on the bike.

First of all, where’s Curiosity? Good question. In Google Mars’s Mars Gallery there’s a marker for Curiosity and a traverse path, but besides being out of date it’s offset with respect to this path by Nogal at unmannedspaceflight.com. And there’s a HiRISE/CTX Overlay Map which is offset in the opposite sense from the global Visible Imagery layer. Nogal’s path seems more compatible with the Overlay Map than any other combination, so I’ll take those as correct. And Curiosity’s moved since Sol 1711, the last on Nogal’s path, but Phil Stooke shows the position as of Sol 1720. It’s moved a few meters since then, but close enough.

I was about 20.4 km from Curiosity, so I went on mapmyride.com and drew up a route of that length.

(Yeah, MapMyRide…

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