#MarsWalk Day 470, 2724.0 km

I finally did it. Laundered my pedometer.It still turns on, except for a few dead LCD segments, but what it doesn’t seem to do any more is count steps, which is a drawback for a pedometer. Remind me not to toss it out without extracting the nearly-new battery.

I have a backup pedometer, the one that I lost in my back yard and then found again a week or so later. It has dead LCD segments too, but does count steps. I’m not sure it counts them accurately. It read quite a lot more steps today than Google Fit on my phone did. For now I’ll assume the lower number is correct.

No bike ride this rainy week.

I’m right in the middle of the lumpy stuff on Mars, which I am assuming is Gale Crater ejecta. Sixty km to my west:


MarsWalk spreadsheet

MarsWalk kmz file (for Google Earth — View >> Explore >> Mars)


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