Full house

Sadly unmentioned on this blog so far is Salt City Ukulele. This is a group which is what the former Greater Syracuse School of Music’s ukulele class has morphed into since Jean shut GSSM down and retired to Mexico. The rebranding took place in February and we began to plan activity for this spring, including a new series of lessons for beginners. We kicked off with an open house last night.

Going into the open house, I figured I’d be reasonably happy if five guests showed up. We got twenty-two. “Only” twenty actually signed in so maybe two were just along for moral support or something… but in any case we were blown away by the response. Add the five current members who were there and it was a crowd.

Two of the guests were friends from SyraUke, one of whom is technically a GSSM veteran, having come to several lessons back in our Cafe Kubal days, and the other is a former morris dancer I’ve known for a long time. Another was the sister of one of our current members. The rest, well, new friends. Looks like about a third of them found out about us from a prominent mention in the Sunday newspaper.

I brought all my ukuleles (seven of them) and Kristine brought a lot, which was good, because we needed to loan just about all of them out for people to take a mini lesson.

Actual one hour lessons begin next Thursday. How many people will be back? Who knows? Enough to give us a significant boost, I expect. Maybe enough to make us think about finding a bigger room. We’ve booked the Jamesville train station through May and are trying to get it through June, and we’ll be able to play outdoors pretty soon, and July and August we’ll be singing out at ice cream stands again, but come Fall we might need more space. SyraUke also is feeling crowded — they had 26 show up last Saturday (and I wasn’t one of them). So they’re talking about looking for a new venue. If you’re going to have a problem it’s a nice one to have.



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