Snowshoe weather at last

Back yard:

About 17″ on the ground — higher or lower depending on drifting but this was about average. Depth isn’t really the right metric for snow, though. It’s relevant but so’s the weight of the snow. A foot of very fluffy snow and a foot of wet slushy snow are two different things. This is dense snow — very small flakes, as you maybe can see against the yardstick — but dry, so medium weight. My little electric snowblower (used twice yesterday and once this morning) was able to cope with all but the end of the driveway, and there I just had to shovel the top half off the bottom half and then snowblow everything.

Then I put on the snowshoes for the first time this winter to rake the roof.

There’s still some snow falling, but not much.

21.6″ at the airport as of this morning. (Total snowfall for the storm, which is not the same as depth on the ground: snow compresses.) 26″ in Marcellus. 31.9″ in Binghamton, a record. 40″ in some places in New York.



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