#MarsWalk Day 428, 2518.6 km

I spent much of Saturday and Monday flying places, and Sunday and earlier Monday in a meeting, so the weekend wasn’t great for walking, though I did get some steps around the lab in between meeting and flying on Monday. This guy went flying too, a few seconds after this photo:

There was some decent weather during the week for walks on campus. Next several days not looking so favorable though.

On Mars, remember my long spell of nothing to mention? No nearby HiRISE pictures for instance? Well, I’m getting out of that situation.

Though it’s not quite as exciting as it looks, maybe, because it seems nearly all those pictures are labeled something like “Possible Future Landing Site for InSight Mission”. OK, landing on Mars, that’s exciting, but the terrain they pick tends not to be all that dramatic. Here’s the one twenty or so km west of me:

Okay then.

InSight? A NASA/JPL spacecraft, originally intended to be launched last year for a September 2016 landing. But there were problems with a vacuum leak in its seismometer experiment, so the mission was postponed to 2018. Apparently the site they ended up selecting was one about 50 km further west. Should I take a detour and visit it? Hm, naah. If it had actually landed last Fall, yeah, I would’ve, but not while it’s only a potential landing site.

MarsWalk spreadsheet

MarsWalk kmz file (for Google Earth — View >> Explore >> Mars)


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