Second hundred in progress

Here’s a page where you can look up statistics on seasonal snowfall this year in New York State. For Syracuse’s official total, recorded at the airport, we’re now at 102.9″ (261.4 cm). Which is a lot.

Well, it’s a lot if you live most other places.

On average Syracuse gets about 120″ a year. We were right about on top of the average at the end of January; this past week or so has probably pushed us well ahead of average but not abnormally so.

Here’s the other thing: Syracuse is officially the snowiest major city in the country, but in part that’s an artifact. The airport is north of Syracuse, north of the Thruway, and once you get north of the Thruway snowfall gets significantly worse, due to the usual patterns of lake effect precipitation off Lake Ontario. Back before 1950 they used to measure downtown, and when they changed it to the airport suddenly the snowfall totals went way up. Here are this year’s totals at a number of places in Onondaga County:screenshot-2017-02-17-at-10-50-02-am

So where I live they’ve measured only about 84″. A foot and a half less than at the airport. (I’m pretty skeptical about that 25.9″ in Baldwinsville, though, especially since they have 83.3″ three and a half miles away.)

And then again, “snowiest major city” is not at all the same as “snowiest place”. In the village of Redfield, about 40 miles northeast of Syracuse and about 12 miles from where we lived a decade ago (which is where and when the accompanying photo was taken), they’ve measured 298.5″. So far.


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