Airport welcome

Syracuse Hancock International Airport: There are flights to and from Toronto, not sure what other international destinations. I do know it’s possible to fly from Cyprus to Syracuse via Toronto. Not a big point of entry, but it is one.

Tonight a little after 6:30 there was a traffic jam on the way in.2017-01-29-18-37-19That was about a kilometer from the parking lot entrance, a distance that took me about 40 minutes to cover.

The reason for all the traffic, of course, and for my being there, was that something was going on.2017-01-29-19-15-23The resistance, over a thousand strong. Not that as far as I know anyone’s been detained at Hancock but, well, airports seem to be the place this weekend.

I got there about five minutes before the end of the invited speakers, although a few other people went up to the mic to talk between chants. Didn’t see any morris dancers this time but did see the person who sat next to me yesterday at SyraUke.2017-01-29-19-23-17Syracuse is a sanctuary city, at least as long as the current mayor is in office, and has a substantial refugee population. Near me in the crowd was a cluster of girls who I suspect were refugees or daughters of refugees themselves. They were loud, they were energized, they were happy. They were seeing America at its best.screen-shot-2017-01-29-at-10-16-41-pm

Then it was time to go home. Took me another 40 minutes to get out of the parking lot. Syracuse, you make me proud.



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