One of the organizers of Syracuse in Solidarity, a sister event to the Women’s March on Washington, said there were about 2000 of us there. If anything I think that’s perhaps an underestimate. But I’ll let you count ’em. (Add one, I was up on the parking garage roof at the time.)solidarity

I hadn’t even gotten to the federal building plaza before running into enough morris dancers for a side + music.

The event was pretty peaceful and civil, except for one person who had a sign that said “Donald Trump likes Nickelback”, which I thought was unnecessarily mean. To Nickelback.

My sister meanwhile was out in Portsmouth, NH; one of her daughters was in DC; the other was in Amsterdam. Together separately!

I’ve seen a lot of great pictures from events around the world, including this one from Melissa Benoist:screen-shot-2017-01-21-at-2-53-14-pm

As one of the speakers today said, we in Syracuse know the power of snowflakes when they act together.snowflakes

I liked today a lot better than yesterday.

And if you’re considering replacing the Hillary bumper sticker on your car, let me suggest this:hashtag_impeach_decal


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