I was on LiveJournal from 2004 to 2007, at which point I moved here to WordPress. At some point I exported the last month of LJ posts and imported them here.

Recently I got a notification that someone had liked one of my 9+-year-old LJ posts (spammer, probably) and that set in motion a train of thought that arrived at the idea-station of migrating all my LJ posts to here. For no good reason. But I felt like it.

Unfortunately the official WordPress LJ importer didn’t work for me; WP support blamed LJ, but pointed me to another solution which I used. I think everything came through, though not necessarily unscathed — looks like comments are anonymized, for instance — but it’s good enough considering there’s no demand for this anyway.

So now there’s 3+ more years of archive here. In case you were planning on binge reading. Maybe reconsider.



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