Rey’s speeder (part 6)

New Year’s weekend I went ahead and built my version of Rey’s speeder, except I was missing a couple of parts, so it sat not-quite-complete for a few days. But the parts have now arrived and here it is.img_1909 img_1915

For those tuning in late, this looks a lot like the official LEGO set, and indeed significant chunks of it are carried over (mostly) unaltered from that — the front end, top surface, control panel, and lower engine specifically. But in fact, although my original intention was just to tweak the set to bring it better in line with the movie version, I ended up largely redesigning it. The bottom, side panels, interior structure, upper engine, and seat/fin mount are completely redone. The body is one unit longer than before, to bring it closer to scale. The front grille is black. The uncanonical stud shooters are replaced by something more like the movie version’s “directional steering exhaust nozzles”. I reused some of the kit’s stickers, but not the bright orange ones on the body; instead I did brick-built dark orange stripes. The sides don’t bulge out as far, and don’t hinge. A net full of “junk” replaces the kit’s clip-on tools. And of course the whole thing hovers is propped up above the desert sand.img_1910

There are no studs on the seat to keep a minifig Rey in place, but that’s because, at approximately 1/19 scale, this thing is just too large for minifig Rey. Her staff, clipped above the net, is lengthened to something more like correct scale, but lengthening Rey is more problematic. She can pose in the foreground of a photograph, but that’s about it. Sorry, Rey!img_1916



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