Comics. Yeah, again.

It’s been nearly two years since I last summarized the comics I’m reading. During those two years the number of demands for an update have numbered in the high zeroes. Well, bowing to public lack of pressure, here it is.

Changes in comics I was following two years ago:

  • Anna Galactic, by Christopher Baldwin. I lost interest in this one fairly early on. I liked and like Baldwin’s Spacetrawler (see below) but haven’t gotten into his other projects.
  • Atomic Robo, by Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener. This one went from print to web and back to print, but without leaving the web. So you can read it free online, or you can pay for paper. I read it free online.
  • Back, by Anthony Clark and KC Green. I lost interest.
  • The Creepy Casefiles of Margo Maloo, by Drew Weing. Back on track more or less — updates a little sporadic but they’re there.
  • Drive, by Dave Kellett. Updating regularly and still entertaining. Kellett’s story is being interleaved with stories in the Drive universe by guest artists and writers. Good stuff.
  • Girls with Slingshots, by Danielle Corsetto. Ended.
  • Iverly, by Jeffrey J. Rowland. After nearly two years he came back with a page or two, but nothing in the past couple months.
  • The Meek, by Der-shing Helmer. This did indeed come back from a long long hiatus and is updating regularly.
  • The Non-Adventures of Wonderella, by Justin Pierce. Came back from hiatus but now is… well, sort of on hiatus again. There was an update for New Year’s.
  • Scenes From a Multiverse, by Jonathan Rosenberg is still going, but I’m taking a break from reading it.
  • Sufficiently Remarkable, by Maki Naro. Frustrating: Naro took some time off, came back to the comic with some good stuff, but then seemingly suffered a crisis of confidence and hasn’t updated again in quite a while. I really liked this one.
  • Woo Hoo! by Molly “Jakface” Němeček and J.R. Boos. Did return, but I’m no longer following it. Just lost interest.
  • Yontengu, by Christopher Baldwin and Don Ahé. Stopped reading not long after my last update.

Comics I was following two years ago and am still following now and not much more to say than that:

New (to me) webcomics on my plate:

  • Bad Machinery, by John Allison. This and its predecessors Bobbins and Scary Go Round have been running for years but I only discovered it a year or so ago. Great funny slice of (English) life with some supernatural twists.
  • Johnny Wander, by Yuko Ota and Ananth Panagariya. Kind of hard to wrap your head around: What’s on this site is a series of unrelated comics projects by these two. Except at the moment, it’s a supernatural story called Is This What You Wanted by Ananth and  Tessa & Sarah Stone. Once the current chapter ends apparently they’ll return to Yuko and Ananth’s current story, Barbarous.
  • Lovelace and Babbage, by Sydney Padua. What would have happened if Ada Lovelace hadn’t died young, Charles Babbage had built his mechanical computers, and they’d teamed up to fight crime? This actually ended several years ago, though I didn’t read it until recently, and then it didn’t end several years ago because a new update came out a few months ago… and then nothing since. But maybe tomorrow?
  • The Otherknown, by Lora Merriman. A science fiction adventure, seems to be hinting at time travel but not definite yet.
  • Real Science Adventures, written by Brian Clevinger. A companion comic to Atomic Robo. Actually not that new but I hadn’t mentioned it before.
  • Spacetrawler, by Christopher Baldwin. Sort of new, sort of not: a sequel to the first Spacetrawler story he told a few years ago. Funny space opera.

And new-to-me “paper” comics (actually via Comixology, mostly trades). The problem with reading a Marvel comic like Ms Marvel is if you’re not careful you end up reading about forty-seven Marvel comics. I’ve actually mostly avoided looking at any DC comics because the same thing would happen there. Then there are some non Big Two books I follow. Currently:

And those don’t include the ones that have ended, or the ones I’ve lost interest in, or the new ones I intend to at least try out once the first trades have been out long enough to come down to my cheapskate price point. As you can see my long-standing lack of interest in most of Marvel’s best-known characters — Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Captain America (Steve Rogers) — continues. Frankly, I tend to get bored with straight white male heroes. I find stories about women, non-whites, and non-humans more interesting. Granted, you don’t get much more straight white male than Tony Stark, but I’m allowed exceptions. (And Tony’s going away, at least for now, in favor of a non-white woman, but I haven’t gotten to that point in the timeline yet. Waiting for those trades, you know.)


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