No, it didn’t

“2016 sucked.”

No, it didn’t.

The election did more than suck, it was catastrophic. Other than that? It was a year.

Every December, you hear the same phrase: “This year sucked”. Every December, people somehow forget all the good things that happened that year, and all the bad things that happened the preceding years.

It’s intellectual laziness.

Don’t be lazy. Look back carefully. Think of the losses, yes, but think also of the gains. Think of the good things that were accomplished. There are many.

Think of the good things you accomplished. Again, there are many, if you take care to remember them.

2017, now… that probably will suck, big time, due to the stupidity of the American voters and, perhaps, the insidious competence of Russia. But drawing misery from the negative won’t make it better.

Drawing inspiration from the positive will.

You can’t prevent people you like dying; you can’t stop every injustice; you can’t hang onto everything good and evade everything bad. But you can make the world better, in small ways, here and there. And a few billion people making things better in small ways adds up.


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