Rey’s speeder (part 4)

I spent a ridiculous amount of time in LDD yesterday. Because I am an adult.

I worked out that a scale of about 1/25, basically the largest you can go with proper scaling and still claim minifig scale, corresponds to a body width for the speeder of 3 studs. No one in their right mind would design a 3 stud wide speeder, though.

And yet here we are.

3-wide 3-wide-2 3-wide-3I tried in several places to carry over stuff from the LEGO kit design only to find reasons why it wouldn’t work well, so this ended up being basically 100% new design. It came out looking better than I was expecting; I’m not sure how well the build would work mechanically, though. (I have a suspicion the whole nose would be likely to fall off if you looked at it funny.) I’m pleased with the brick built orange stripes, which add a lot to the otherwise slablike body. There’s no net, or provisions for anchoring a net, but that’d be easy.

But I don’t think I’ll be building this.

It was educational, trying to work within a 3 stud width. My feeling, though, is that a modified version of the LEGO kit would look considerably better, with nicer details, even though at 1/19 it’s really too big for minifig scale.

Then there’s 2 stud width, 1/37, firmly within and not at the edges of minifig scale range. That’d really look like a bare, square slab, though. Unless I… NO. I AM NOT GOING THERE. Today.


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