Rey’s speeder (part 3)

I hadn’t realized until I overlaid the LEGO model on a schematic of the “real” speeder how out of whack the scale is:speeder-compareAdjusting to make the heights the same, and disregarding the spurious stud shooter pods, the engines on the LEGO kit are too fat but not by a lot, and the bottom one’s too low but not by a lot, and there’s not much one can do about either. The body width side to side is too large, but mainly on the wedge shaped plates that form the front halves of the side panels; they form the widest part of the body, whereas they really should be recessed a little. Otherwise the body could stand to be a stud narrower, maybe, but that would really make for a design mess. Or of course the other dimensions could be increased a little, but it’s already near the limits of minifig scale.

The real problem is the body length. Much too short.

In the kit the stabilizing fins (which, trust a model rocketeer on this, would not do much of anything to stabilize this thing) are too far from the engines. Oh, by the way, you can’t see the fins on the LEGO drawing because I imported the LDD file into BrickSmith to get these straight-on side, front, and top views (LDD seems to allow only perspective views), and the LDraw database doesn’t include that part. But you can see the brackets they clip into, and they themselves are beyond where the fins in the schematic are.

One other amusing discrepancy is the saddle, which is too far back. Presumably the reason for this is that the Rey minifig can’t sit on the smooth-surfaced saddle, so instead it goes on the (lengthened) studded surface in front of it. I am not sure what to do about that: having the minifig ride the speeder is problematic in all sorts of ways, but giving that up seems wrong.

The bottom engine can stay as it is, except to get rid of the spurious blue stud. The top one, well, there isn’t an engine really, just a nozzle at the back. Can that be improved? And in the process bring the fins in at least a little?

As for the body, it certainly needs lengthening, which means the side panels need re-designing and maybe correcting their height profile is possible.

… and if the body is lengthened then the argument that the size is within minifig scale limits gets a little less defensible. Sigh.

Wait, when did this little toy turn into such an involved project? I was just going to tweak the kit a little…




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