If miserliness is a virtue then so is patience

Woot, yeah. Checked this morning and discovered Comixology had lowered the prices on a bunch of collections: Four on my wish list were down to $5 each and a fifth down to $11. Over on Amazon? (Which owns Comixology.) All five were down to $5. Huh. A bunch of other collections also are down to $5 including one that wasn’t on my wish list but should have been.

So they’re mine now.

All on my B-list. But I’ve been caught up for months on my A-list collections. There are some more B-listers out, too recently to be that cheap; give ’em a couple months or three. Then as for the ones I’m really looking forward to, well, they’ll be out in the next two months or so and as for when I buy, depends on how cheap I wait for them to get before succumbing.

So that’s me, months behind but pinching pennies.



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