#MarsWalk Day 302, 1898.8 km

Remarkably, after months of not doing any Outdoor Adventures meetup events, I’ve just done two a week apart. Sunday’s hike was at Highland Forest, scene of many Boy Scout campouts in my youth and several rocket launches in my son’s youth which led me to my present rocketry activity… but this was the first time I’ve hiked the main trail in its 14 km entirety. 2016-10-30-12-27-25It was by a good margin the longest on-foot distance I’ve done any day this year, and probably for several years prior. In fact it was a good week considering none of it was on bicycle.

As forecast, there’s nothing of any interest near me on Mars, and nothing elsewhere on or near the planet that counts as compelling news. Can I go live there?

MarsWalk spreadsheet

MarsWalk kmz file (for Google Earth — View >> Explore >> Mars)


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