20 MPH into the FUTURE

So I finally gave in and got an E-ZPass tag.2016-09-03 14.52.11This was prompted by my drive from Gloucester to Plymouth last month. On my approach to the Tobin Bridgethought the signs said tolls could be paid only by E-ZPass or by scanning a Massachusetts license plate. Apparently I misread and they can scan any plate and invoice you, but instead I got off Route 1 and asked Google Maps to reroute me.

Paying an invoice would have been less annoying, I’d guess, but not by much. Anyway, I decided to get a tag. I drive on the New York State Thruway rarely enough (and use any other E-ZPass facilities even more rarely) that it’s not going to see much use, but there doesn’t seem to be any downside to having it in reserve anyway. You do get a small fare discount, and apparently I can apply for a larger discount because I drive a Prius.

Also there was that one time I inadvertently tried to go through the E-ZPass only lane, and that was an irritating experience.

Also also everyone else has an E-ZPass so I should too, right? Except I went through four toll booths today (twice onto the Thruway, twice off — for no reason other than to try it out) and at least twice there was a big line at the cash lane and no one in the E-ZPass only lane. Huh.

Gannon’s Isle does not accept E-ZPass as payment for end-of-summer ice cream though.



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