#MarsWalk Day 239, 1483.2 km

It’s been mostly a slothly sort of week, except for today when I logged 9.8 km, and Monday when I did 18.0 — about half of that on my bike, to and from the New York State Fair, and most of the rest walking around the Fair. The bicycling seems to be the only riding I did in August, for which I partly blame the ATM (conflicting with Cycle in the City) and the trip to Newport News.

Here is where I am as seen in the Themis Daytime IR imagery:Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 10.47.53 PMI tell you, climbing down into that ditch and out again was… well, would have been a challenge, if I’d done it in reality. That “ditch” is part of Hyblaeus Fossae, which is several hundred km of ditch.

I went right through the crater near the center of the top edge (on my way back from the Fair), which someone shelled out money to name Kenneth Holmes on Uwingu.

The same area as seen in the nighttime IR is interesting — most of the craters (but not Kenneth Holmes) are bright, and have bright “tails” toward the west northwest. Hyblaeus Fossae is (are? Is “fossae” plural?) bright too.Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 10.47.30 PM

Looks like maybe some darker, more heat-absorbing material has been thrown or blown out of these craters. In the daytime IR picture Kenneth Holmes looks less sharp-rimmed than the night-bright craters. Maybe it’s older, more weathered, and maybe the weathering scoured away the darker material? Or the crater was less deep and didn’t expose the darker material in the first place? I’m just making guesses here.

MarsWalk spreadsheet

MarsWalk kmz file (for Google Earth — View >> Explore >> Mars)


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