Return of the Crawler: Local 315 Brewing Co.


I’ve been naggingly bothered ever since our Brew Crawl visit in July to Local 315 Brewing Co. I’d been to Local 315 a couple of times last year and while not every beer I tried was great, they were at worst unobjectionable and some were very good. The odd tastes of all four beers in my July flight, and reportedly of other beers sampled by my companions, was weird.

Today I had an opportunity to go back. I ordered a flight: Lucky 13 Red, Tweezer Pale, Batch 22 Pale, and Don’t Fear the Dark Stout. The last two of those were in my July flight, as was the Soul Kiss IPA which was one of two beers the pourer shoved a sample of at me (the other being the Local 315 Imperial Stout).

And they were all pretty good. The Lucky 13 and Batch 22 both were a bit too bland for my taste, but not bad. I liked the others. Even the Imperial Stout which at 11% is not something I’d drink often or much of. (They only sell it in 8 oz glasses.)

I don’t know what was going on in July. The beers that were nominally the same in both flights were different: weird tasting last time, fine this time. Maybe some kind of quality control problem. In any case the July experience was disappointing, and I can now say it was anomalous. Not that it shouldn’t be held against them, but at least I think I can say it wasn’t typical.

I was interested to note the Lucky 13 was a revised recipe with the alcohol content down to 5.25% from the previous 6.0%. All their beers except the Strawberry Rhubarb Blonde (which some people near me were saying good things about, but I didn’t have the urge to try) are 5% or higher, but everything in my flight was under 6% and maybe the Lucky 13 is a sign of waning alcohol inflation. We can hope.

The Tweezer is new as of a couple days ago. The pourer didn’t know the origin of the name. He said, though, that there are something like 45,000 breweries in the US, and there are lawyers making a living solely on beer names. It has significantly more hop flavor than the Batch 22 and is drier. I bought a pint of it after the flight. Would have considered a growler of it if I were low on beer at home, which I’m not.

2016-08-28 13.52.00


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