Onondaga Brew Crawl: Full Boar

For the August Crawl we went to Full Boar in North Syracuse. I was trying to follow Google Maps which says it’s next door to Allegro Music; it’s not. Facebook got me within visual distance, around the other side of Applebee’s.

I could do without the TVs on the wall. And there was a musician, playing guitar and singing. Loud. Has he ever considered forgoing the microphone, I wonder? Because in a space like that it’s not that hard to be heard, and because his amp was, frankly, not very good (or not used very well) for his voice — it was roughened and distorted. He might have been a good singer but it was hard to tell.

Nice sofa though. And lots of tables big enough for small groups, unlike certain other places we’ve been (looking at you, Seneca Street).

I had a flight of:

  • Full Boar Sabotage Pale Ale
  • Full Boar 377.3 Brown Ale
  • Great South Bay Blood Orange
  • Adirondack Bear Naked Red Ale

The Sabotage tasted fairly good, nothing exciting. But 7% is way too high, I think, for a pale ale. At 4% or 5% I might have ordered a pint.

The brown ale was… odd. It had a strong taste of something unexpected, not sure what. I didn’t dislike it, I might even decide I like it a lot if I have more (or I might decide I don’t), but I was surprised by it.

I also had a couple sips of the Full Boar Slow & Low Stout. Seemed pretty good to me, though I’m not much of a stout drinker.

The Blood Orange was because lately I’ve been in the mood to sample odd beers (or at least types I’m not accustomed to). I rather liked it. Unlike a blueberry ale I tried last week and left half a flight glass undrunk, the fruit flavor was not overly pronounced and it blended pretty well with the malt and hops.

The Bear Naked Red was just a straightforward good ale, and I went back to the bar for a pint of it.


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