American Travelling Morrice 2016

This year’s American Travelling Morrice is over. Camp setup near Rockport, MA was on Saturday (the 6th) and there were two days of dancing before I arrived Monday evening, in time for sunset dinner at the Lobster Pool.2016-08-08 20.38.25 There was a camp.IMG_0483 There was singing.IMG_0569 We bashed sticks.IMG_0578 There was foolishness.IMG_0636 We visited a shipbuilding museum.IMG_0655 We had beer.2016-08-09 18.26.44 Lloyd struggled to turn a straw into an oboe.2016-08-09 18.57.10 I went colonial.2016-08-09 22.00.36 There was cake.IMG_0740 Some of us went on a schooner cruise.IMG_0755 We helped.IMG_0757 We were not idiots.IMG_0770 The sun set again.IMG_0780 John spoke.IMG_0869 It was hot.IMG_1027 We danced anyway.IMG_1076We had more beer.IMG_1092 We kept our pants up.2016-08-11 23.04.18 It got hotter.2016-08-12 18.39.03 Then cooler. We knelt.IMG_1209 I saw Gloucester from on high.2016-08-13 12.55.12 There were bears.IMG_1239 There was an audience.IMG_1257 There was a guest performer.IMG_1366 We shut down the transportation infrastructure.IMG_1403We danced some more.IMG_1425We had a feast, slept, packed up, and went home. Great week!

(Of note: I danced Oddington in public (Young Collins) for the first time in over 20 years. Also did Bampton, Chipping Campden, Ducklington, and Bledington.)


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