Onondaga Brew Crawl: Local 315 Brewing Co.

There were half a dozen of us tonight at Local 315 Brewing Co. Despite its being within easy bicycling distance I hadn’t been there since sometime last year.

There was a pretty good crowd of people there. Looks like they’re doing okay. The Walt’s Patio Pizza food truck was there, for anyone prepared to wait half an hour for a pizza, at least at the time I got there when they apparently were backlogged that far.

I ordered a flight: small glasses of Canal Trail Brown, Batch 22 Pale Ale, Soul Kiss IPA, and Don’t Fear the Dark Stout. (Someone said the latter was a Critz Farms beer but I just checked and, no, it’s a Local 315.) And… well, I didn’t get a pint of any of them afterward.

It was kind of surprising. Not every beer I’ve had at 315 before has been particularly good, but some have been pretty tasty. I didn’t particularly like any of tonight’s four. They all seemed to have an odd, slightly sour, taste. They weren’t awful but they weren’t something I’d order again.

I’m wondering if the odd taste was the brewer’s intent or if there’s some quality control problem going on. They have something like 16 beers on tap: Could be that’s too many for them to keep on top of the quality. I know if I had a brewhouse as small as theirs, I’d be focusing on a smaller set of beers. But I’m only guessing ill-informedly.

Anyway, the beer was disappointing. The company was fine. We’ll plan on hitting another brewery in August.

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