#MarsWalk Day 183, 1108.6 km

My foot’s better and I did get one bike ride in this week, so had just slightly better than average distance. Hot, though, for exertion.

The Visible Imagery layer from Google Mars makes it clear I’m entering new territory:Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 10.38.38 PM

Yes indeed, getting into more interesting topography… and more HiRISE images (the red rectangles) reflecting that interest.

The one about 65 km to my west is… well, actually it’s two: http://hirise.lpl.arizona.edu/PSP_002042_2090 and http://hirise.lpl.arizona.edu/PSP_002108_2090, forming a stereo pair. “Potential Lobe of Lahar Flow Front” — what does that mean? “A lahar (pronunciation: /ˈlɑːhɑːr/) is a type of mudflow or debris flow composed of a slurry of pyroclastic material, rocky debris, and water. The material flows down from a volcano, typically along a river valley” says Wikipedia. Volcanism and water, good stuff! Anyhow, here’s a piece of the stereo anaglyph. Click through for a larger version, put on your red/blue glasses and take a look.Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 10.53.16 PMAnd then go look at the whole thing, from the older cratered terrain at the north to the more recent, smoother area in the middle, down to the spectacular flow channels at the south. Wow.


MarsWalk spreadsheet

MarsWalk kmz file (for Google Earth — View >> Explore >> Mars)


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