#MarsWalk Day 176, 1063.5 km

Due to a minor issue with my right foot I did little walking and no bicycling this past week, so didn’t cover much distance at all. And no, I have nothing interesting to say about my Martian environment.

One achievement to note, though: I’m at 29.53°N latitude. I’ve crossed south of 30°N! And that is significant, to some people at least, because that puts me in the Martian latitudes where Uwingu is selling naming rights to craters. Uwingu names are not official, of course. That is, they’re not recognized by the IAU. But given that these craters have no IAU-recognized designation, the Uwingu names are pretty much the only nomenclature in effect… and the money they collect (or half of it anyway) goes to a good cause, so I’m okay with them.

So what are the names of the craters near me? Well… there aren’t that many craters near me, and most of what there are are too small even for Uwingu to bother with, and the nearest Uwingu craters haven’t been named yet. The nearest named Uwingu crater seems to be Yalpe Nismou, about 200 km to my west and a little south.

Interesting terrain is still ahead. A week or two.

MarsWalk spreadsheet

MarsWalk kmz file (for Google Earth — View >> Explore >> Mars)


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