#Chocolate review: Guittard Épique 70% cacao

2016-05-07 22.03.57Let’s see what it says on this label:

“Origin: Central America, South America, Carribean”. In other words, it’s from somewhere in the western hemisphere.

“Varietal: Forastero, Trinitario, Criollo”. In other words, it’s chocolate. (Those are basically the only three varieties of chocolate.)

“Bittersweet chocolate with dried red fruit notes and anise end notes”. Really. Someone with a more sensitive palate than mine, maybe, could pick up on the dried red fruit and anise notes. Or indeed on more than trace amounts of flavor at all, which is what I got.

I mean, this stuff isn’t unpleasant. And the texture’s fine. But as dark chocolate goes, it’s remarkably tasteless.

“Blend No. 49”. Maybe No. 50 will be better.

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