#MarsWalk Day 120, 705.9 km

I’ve crossed the 700 km mark.

I was going to say there wasn’t much interesting around me on Mars, again, and then (using JMARS again) I tried looking at the THEMIS Day IR layer. THEMIS being the Thermal Emission Imaging System on the Mars Odyssey orbiter, an infrared-and-visible camera, and it makes the area look a lot more interesting than in the imagery used by Google Earth, or the MOLA layer. I’m about in the center of this:Screenshot 2016-05-06 20.44.42Yikes. You can see the smooth area I was in last week at the top, and I’m heading into slightly less smooth terrain, but take a look to the west there: a river! About 25 km away. In fact, look closely to the west of that and you see a whole dendritic network feeding into it to further south:
Screenshot 2016-05-06 20.47.15

That former river is Apsus Vallis, from the classical name of a river in Macedonia. Beyond that I don’t know anything, but it for sure was wet there once.

MarsWalk spreadsheet

MarsWalk kmz file (for Google Earth — View >> Explore >> Mars)


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