#MarsWalk Day 92, 524.2 km

It’s been a cold week, with rain in the middle and snow on both ends. In fact I think we’re ahead of the normal snowfall for the entire month of April, and there was one day with a record low temperature. Not so bad weather compared to a lot of January and February, of course, but colder and precipitationier than I really wanted to deal with in April… especially after that near 80°F day last month.

So I made kind of a poor showing most of the week, and then out of shame today I went on a longer than usual campus walk and ended up with, I think, my second longest distance walking day (tied for third longest distance day walking or biking) since I started. Which wasn’t enough to avoid a below average week, but it prevented a worst week ever.

I passed my 500th kilometer this week, though, and completed my third month since starting.

In my virtual neighborhood on Mars, for sufficiently large value of neighbor, there’s a crater about 100 km to my east; looks to be about 19 km in diameter. It has no official name, apparently. HiRISE has taken five pictures (one, two, three, four, five — follow the links for the full pictures, the pictures on those pages are just small details), two of which form a stereo pair. Get out your red/blue glasses. Here’s a cropped, low resolution version. Click on the image for the huge, higher resolution original:PSP_002266_2190_PSP_002411_2190_RED.browse copy

Check out those gullies.

MarsWalk spreadsheet

MarsWalk kmz file (for Google Earth — View >> Explore >> Mars)


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