#MarsWalk at Loja

Thanks to relatively warm temperatures in Syracuse last weekend, I got on my bicycle Saturday and Sunday for my first two rides of 2016 and my first two #MarsRides totaling 23.8 km. So I got a good bit of distance in, and as a result I was able to finish up today’s walking at my closest approach to the last of the small city craters: Loja, 10.4 km in diameter, named for a city in Ecuador. lojaIt’s further off than that last couple of craters, 59.6 km to my east. Loja’s been photographed three times by HiRISE: the western half once and the eastern half twice. Zoom in on the second of these three and check out the gullies on the crater rim.

Believe it or not, the next officially named crater I pass within 100 km of will be Gale — my destination, still about 2600 km away. There will be craters, but none with IAU approved names.

MarsWalk spreadsheet

MarsWalk kmz file (for Google Earth — View >> Explore >> Mars)

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