#MarsWalk day 29, 143.5 km

[Edit: Using the revised stride length measured on 7 Feb 2016, distance was 160.3 km.]

I didn’t get quite as far this week as the past couple, but about 33 km isn’t bad. The next several days should get me 5% of the way to MSL.

The nearest thing of interest this past week was about 60 km off to the east: a pair of HiRise images. “Crater with Sharp Rim and Elongated Secondaries”, it says (you see, I told you, ripe for naming*). The two were taken about a month apart and form a stereo pair. Below is the central part of one image, but you should grab your 3-d glasses and go look at the anaglyph image. Zoom in and pan around, check out those elongated secondaries. The crater itself looks crazy deep to me, almost hemispherical, though maybe that’s an artifact of the imaging.Screenshot 2016-02-05 at 2

*There’s Uwingu, of course, naming up a storm but without IAU sanction. Which kind of suggests IAU is maybe moving too slowly on the nomenclature front. Anyway, from what I’m seeing on their site, I think Uwingu’s not naming any craters north of 30°N latitude, so even unofficially we’ll be in sparsely-named territory (marsitory?) for a while yet.

MarsWalk spreadsheet

MarsWalk kmz file (for Google Earth — View >> Explore >> Mars)


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