#MarsWalk day 8, 35.7 km

[Edit: Using the revised stride length measured on 7 Feb 2016, distance was 39.5 km.]

So never mind where Viking 2 is, where am I? As of now, about 35.7 km from the start, at about 47.59° N, 134.29° E. Earlier this week there was some walking between airport gates for me, and some walking on and near the Jefferson Laboratory site. Back in Syracuse, today’s walk down Comstock Ave and back was good for maybe 4 km, and it doesn’t hurt that I park on the street off campus and walk to and from my office.

So that’s about 1.2% of the total distance — the number I’m using for that is 3075 km. If I maintain a percent a week I should finish early in 2018. But it’s a little early for reliable extrapolations.

I’m almost at the rim of crater Evpatoriya, and this upcoming weekend I should be crossing right through the middle of it.Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 7.34.11 PM(Merc Boyan reported passing about 20 km west of Evpatoriya, but it appears he was reckoning from the Viking 2 landing point shown in the Mars Global GIS Mapping Application, which is about 30 km northwest of the actual landing site found by MRO/HiRISE.) This crater is about 1 km in diameter and was named in 1979 after Yevpatoria, Crimea, Ukraine — well, that’s what English Wikipedia says. Russians may describe it differently. Yevpatoria city has a population of about 120,000. Near it is the Yevpatoria RT-70 radio telescope, which has played a part in the Soviet and Russian space programs. The name fits with a theme: other craters near Evpatoriya include Jodrell, Canberra, Kourou, Wallops, Baykonyr, and Canaveral.

There also are two asteroids named after Yevpatoria, sort of: 24648 Evpatoria is one, and the other is 6489 Golevka (where Gol is for Goldstone Observatory, which has its own crater near the Viking 2 site, Ev is for Evpatoriya, and Ka is for Kashima Space Communication Center).

MarsWalk spreadsheet

MarsWalk kmz file (for Google Earth — View >> Explore >> Mars)


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