But once

Merry Christmas!

I don’t know what Kenny was up to on Christmas Eve Eve, but last night he went to bed at 7:00… and this morning he woke me up at 5:00. He’d been up for a while.

There were thoughtful gifts from all over. From Sue and Al, a Middle Ages Brewing gift certificate and sticker, a shirt, and a suspiciously Japanese pocket tool. 2015-12-25 05.45.242015-12-25 05.43.11

From Janet and daughters, spices and a Baby Bertha rocket kit (with motors and wadding).

2015-12-25 05.45.54 2015-12-25 05.43.36 copy

From Pat, pajamas and a very nice thing: a facsimile of my mother’s recipe book.

2015-12-25 05.44.11 2015-12-25 05.44.36 2015-12-25 05.44.56

And from my son, sneakily made under my very nose last month, a sand etched drinking glass that says “#1 DAD – XI VIII”.


I had to get him to explain the Roman numerals. They’re his initials: XI = 11 = K, VIII = 8 = H.

Not a white Christmas. Yesterday it got up to 68℉, a record for Christmas Eve by about 8 degrees, I believe. I put on shorts to go for a walk yesterday. We’ve also broken another record: latest (by about a week) in the season with less than an inch of snow (we’ve had 0.8 inches; on average we have 30 or so inches by now). Thanks, El Niño; thanks, global warming. But snow’s in the forecast for Monday night.

Well, Merry Christmas anyway!



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