Not bad for a day’s work

Stovetop: Clean… er. Oven: Cleaner. Kitchen table: Clean-ish, leaf removed, tablecloth on. Passthrough: Clean. Front room: Piano out, ukes in. Shaky piano stand: Moved down to basement. Side table: Moved west, under stereo. Old sewing machine table: Moved from under stereo to front room, under useless phone, next to ukes. TV, VCR/DVD2015-11-22 22.45.46, and Wii: Moved up from basement, onto side table. Drop leaf table: Moved up from basement, to where side table was. CDs: Sorted, some consigned to future disposal, rack with remainder moved east, next to drop leaf table. Dead light bulb: Changed. Silverware: Back into storage. Stainless flatware: Found. Heather’s returned to storage. Mine returned to service, but there are only four dinner forks. Ebay vendor: Sending me four more dinner forks. Clothes I never wear: Bagged up for Rescue Mission. Garage attic: stuff shifted, making more space accessible. Dr Who: Watched. Blog post: Completed.

2 thoughts on “Not bad for a day’s work

  1. Oh, and there are groceries, and new laundry baskets, and the vacuum has a new home in the laundry room and the stepstool is where the vacuum was, and I got the lawnmower back from Heather’s house, and hung up the laundry. That may be about it.


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