Marks the spot

I found a survey disk I’d never seen before the other day.2015-10-13 16.54.34-2 It’s right out in the open in a place I’ve been before, so I’m surprised this was the first time I’d noticed it.2015-10-13 16.54.34-1Who knew the City of Syracuse did survey monument disks? I didn’t. Googling for a while didn’t turn up any information.

(I thought I had geolocation turned on but apparently not. I should go take new pictures sometime with it enabled. Anyway the disk is here.)



4 thoughts on “Marks the spot

      1. When I worked on a city survey crew, national survey monuments (Canadian Geodetic Survey) were few and far apart – the city ones were much more numerous and we relied on those mostly.


  1. I did get a geotagged photo:

    Looks to me like the stones at the top spell “ESPC” but I’m not sure of that and can’t find a relevant meaning for “ESPC”.

    The one relevant Google hit I found looking for something on Syracuse survey monuments is on page 3 of this parking lot plan set showing a monument at the corner of Pearl Street and Belden Ave. — but I looked there and didn’t find it.


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