September is dead and I am not

I managed to get through September with minimal amounts of being dead. It was, I think it’s fair to say, one of maybe the three crappiest months of my life. But not, by any objective standards, really that crappy, and hardly bad at all after the 20th. Monday’s noisy drive home convinced me September was going to go out with one last good ass-kicking but it turned out just to be the month having a little harmless joke.

And interspersed with the bad was the good. Right there at the top of the month was the Toronto Ale, which aside from the lost wallet and the overly long drive home was a lot of fun. More good morris at the end of the month with near perfect weather for the Saugerties Garlic Festival. The rocket launch was not the best I’ve ever had but it was pretty good. The lunar eclipse and such were cool.

Still, the month really needed a rousing goodbye party; fortunately I must have been prescient in August because I set the wheels figuratively in motion then. Literally in motion yesterday, westwards, to Rochester. I parked right in front of Bernunzio Uptown Music; unfortunately I hadn’t been able to leave work as early as I’d hoped and I got there mere minutes before closing, so I didn’t go in, just peeked in the windows. Then headed off to the Old Toad.2015-09-30 18.28.33Fish and chips, mushy peas, Fuller’s London Pride draught, served up by a waiter from England. Needed that. Followed up with Middle Ages Kilt Tilter cask, which is brewed in Syracuse so why go to Rochester for it, but hey, it was there.

Then back past Bernunzio to the Eastman Theatre for more of Great Britain.2015-09-30 21.20.56Specifically the Ukulele Orchestra thereof. I don’t get to many concerts these days but when I heard they were touring I knew I had to go, and they easily were worth the price of the ticket and the drive to Rochester. I had way too much fun.

I’m ready for October. Bring it!



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